On Special Assignment

Beloit Fiction Journal, Vol. 32, Spring 2019. I. When a light tap sounded on the door of Klaus’s office (or rather the broom closet he’d been allotted for his visit), he answered with an ill-humored grunt, expecting one of Knochen’s minions, come to bother him about some small inconsistency on one of the numerous forms he’d filled out when arriving at headquarters. It was…

Something Terrible in the Park

Pinyon, Number 28, Spring 2019. Puffs of white clouds scooted across the blue sky as Lili, down on her knees, dug in the hard black of her garden. April is the cruelest month: she remembered that, but not much else, from her lit course in college. It had puzzled her then—How could springtime be cruel?—but now, at the age of forty-seven, she knew what…

Little Black Dress

Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry and Prose, Vol. 20, Spring 2021. Three days before the big New Year’s Eve party that will usher in 1968, Hal’s mother leads Donna up the stairs of her lavish house. And Donna, though she tries to be nonchalant, can’t help being impressed by everything she sees: the celadon walls, the brightly polished sconces, the oriental runner that’s anchored by…

Novel Excerpt

Chapter 1, Under Cover of Darkness by Roberta Hartling Gates

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